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Marine Consultancy

Creating safe environments for maritime activities to take place

Want to become an approved training centre?

We can offer independent risk assessments, site profiling, guidance and supporting to help set up recognised training centres and providers. 


Vessel suitability

Time for a new vessel? We work with clients to assess their needs when deciding on the suitability of a specific craft to their operations. 

This can include sea trials and testing of new or existing craft, either straight off the production line or post-repair. We offer independent assurance of vessel safety and operational ability before it enters service.

We also offer support throughout the build and/or repair of craft to ensure quality is achieved throughout.  This is supplemented by a bidder vetting process before the work commences of behalf of the client.


Machinery suitability

From marine-vessels to heavy plant; we offer machinery trials and acceptance, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and machinery fluid analysis testing.


Independent accident investigation services

Accidents do happen. Neptune Marine Solutions offer a comprehensive accident investigation programme, which includes policy and procedure analysis, and incident investigation.

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